A very sad day for us here at Claonaiglen. Our beautiful lady, Ch. Claonaiglen Orrin past away peacefully on 20 October 2017, 6 weeks off her 13th birthday. Orrin was the first Deerhound we bred under the Claonaiglen affix and our first Claonaiglen champion.

Orrin was a wonderful show girl winning 4 RCC's, 8 CC's and 5 BoB's and Reserve Best Bitch at the 2008 Deerhound Club Breed show under Glenis Peach (Kilbourne). But the highlight of her show career was when Orrin won Reserve Best Bitch at the 2007 Deerhound Club Breed show under Joss Duddell (Canerikie), Orrin's litter sister, Claonaiglen Albyn at Cloweswood winning Best Bitch. Both of these girls then went on to in Best in Show(Albyn) and Reserve Best in Show (Orrin), a mutual decision made by Joss Duddell (Bitches) and Brian Doak (Dogs). This was a very proud (and emotional) day for us both having bred both of these girls, litter sisters, and from the first litter of Deerhounds we had bred. Orrin set Claonaiglen on the map in the world of showing Deerhounds and we owe her everything. RIP Orrin, there will never be another like you.

The first puppy has left for her new home in Finland. We wish her new owners every success with Claonaiglen Rosa.









SEPT 2013

Mallie gave birth, by Caesarian Section, to a single bouncing baby boy on Tuesday 24th September (5 days overdue). We have named him Esk. However because Mallie did not have any contractions before her op, when she came around from the anaesthetic she decided that this little thing in the bed with her was nothing to do with her and she refuses to have anything to do with him. She does not show any aggression towards her son but she totally ignores him. It fell to us to bottle feed him every two hours with Ellie and Seren, Charlottes' Whippets, providing the washing service. Then Orrin (Esk's Grandmother) stepped in and now she takes care of Esk full time. It is amazing to watch Orrin with Esk, she treats him like she is his mother and she even lets him suckle and has started to produce milk although we still bottle feed him to make sure he is getting enough. Watch this space for further updates and pics of Orrins adopted son. The pics are of Orrin and Esk.


2012 NEWS

Claonaiglen winning
Presented to the club by Mrs Melrose


2011 NEWS

Sadly we have to report that Amber passed away peacefully in her sleep in November 2011. Born in 2001, she was never a show girl but preferred to stay at home with the lurchers. Amber was such a loving hound and a very good mum to Mallie. At the grown-up age of 4, Mallie still had to endure her mother cleaning her ears and face. Amber is sorely missed by all of us at Claonaiglen but we are sure that she is enjoying running around in the sunny meadows of Deerhound Heaven with Cara, Ambers best friend and gentle Maya, our beautiful lurcher who also passed away last year.




All of us at Claonaiglen would like to congratulate Kay Baratt and Stranwith Ebenezer (a son of Dalesman) on gaining his crown at the Scottish Hound Association.


Claonaiglen Biorbhaigh (Morag)

has gone to her new home and here she is beneath the sign to prove that she has gone back to her roots and where her affix has originated from.

There was almost a tear in Alan's eye as she left with her new owners and he was very tempted to stow away in the car and go back to his roots too as this is Alan's childhood home. How amazing is that!

We recently made a trip up to Yorkshire to the home of Glenis and Andrew Pink where a successful mating took place between our Ch. Claonaiglen Orrin and the handsome Romany Rye to Greyhawks. Our thanks to Glenis and Andrew for allowing us to use their boy on Orrin.

Enquiries regarding puppies can be e.mailed to us from this site. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Orrin gave birth to 12 healthy puppies on 24 April 2009.
10 Bitches and 2 Dogs. Mother and babies are doing well.

The puppies are now 6 weeks old and fully weaned from Orrin. They are all eating and growing well. They are all very outgoing and friendly. These photo's were taken today on their first trip out into the garden. They had a brilliant time running around and playing and there are several keen gardeners in the litter

What do you mean prize plant???

You taste them first, No you taste them!

It wasn't me I've just arrived


Hide and Seek is great. They cant see me here

Is it tea time yet??



Romany Rye to Greyhawks. Owned by Mrs Glenis Pink.
1st in Limit Dog at Crufts 2009.

Our beautiful girl Cara (Killoeter Girzie at Claonaiglen) has been awarded the title of TOP DEERHOUND BROOD BITCH 2008. Cara is the dam to Ch. Claonaiglen Orrin and Ch. Claonaiglen Albyn to Cloweswood.

Born on 21st November 2002 and bred by Mrs Nell MacBean, Cara had a successful but short show career before having her first litter from which came two champions.

Our thanks to Nell for allowing us to have Cara and to all the judges who thought so highly of her offspring.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Cara has passed away. Cara had been very ill with a twisted spleen but seemed to be recovering well from her surgery so it was a great shock to us when she died 6 months later. Cara was our first Deerhound bitch and our foundation brood bitch. Cara did OK in the show ring but she excelled as a mother and has left us with a wonderful legacy in her daughter Orrin and Grandchildren Fionnelighe, Buie and Lochan. It doesn't matter how many hounds one has, when you lose one for whatever reason, a great big void appears which no other hound can fill. We love and miss you Cara and we hope you like the Silver Birch we have planted in your memory.


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